If you’re setting up a company with multiple shareholders, it’s a very good idea to have a Shareholders Agreement.


A Shareholders Agreement is the agreement which reflects how the shareholders wish for the company to be run, together with restrictions and obligations of each shareholder, including the rules around how and when shares can be sold.


The terms of a Shareholders Agreement will depend on the complexities of your company’s structure and the ultimate plans you may have for the company. 


Fill out our Shareholders Agreement Checklist to get started!

There are often a few tricks to setting up a Private Company.  For peace of mind, let us help you and answer any questions you may have about the right share structure and rules for your company.


When you complete our Private Company Incorporation Checklist, we will have all the initial information we will need to help you set up a private (PTY LTD) company.

not-for-profit company CHECKLIST

Setting up a Not-For-Profit Company has implications and complexities that generally require the assistance of a lawyer, especially if it is planned that the company will become a charity or be listed on ROCO (The Register of Cultural Organisations).


Complete our Not-For-Profit Company Incorporation Checklist to let us help you get started on setting up a charity, ROCO entity or other not-for-profit company!

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