If you employ permanent staff in the creative industries, you will need a Full-Time Employment Agreement.


Employment Agreements can become complicated (especially when there is valuable IP at stake), but you have to get started somewhere and this checklist is designed to let us help you most efficiently with a full-time employment arrangement.


Fill out our Full-Time Employment Agreement Checklist to get started.

If you’re bringing on an employee on part-time, you’ll should have a Part-Time Employment Agreement – especially if there are complexities with intellectual property ownership, which is common in the entertainment and creative industries.


Part-time employment arrangements differ from full-time or even casual employment arrangements, so it’s important to have an agreement that addresses the specific issues involved, rather than simply using a standard template.


Fill out our Part-Time Employment Agreement Checklist to get started on an agreement we can start tailoring for you!

A lot of entertainment industry and creative businesses employ casual staff, so good Casual Employment Agreements can often be the foundations of building a successful creative business.


By completing our checklist, you’ll be letting us help you draft a Casual Employment Agreement that suits your specific circumstances and secures the rights you need from your casual employees.


Get your casual employees off on the right foot by completing our Casual Employment Agreement Checklist!