Co-Productions are common in the film, TV and content industries.  When developing a co-production, it’s important to have a Co-Production Agreement in place to govern the role, responsibilities and rights of each Co-Producer involved in the project.


If you’re looking to develop a Co-Production, our Co-Producer Agreement Checklist can help you navigate some of the most important issues involved.


We can assist in the drafting of Co-Producer Agreements for productions of all shapes and sizes, whether that be feature length films, TV programs or digital content.


Check out our Co-Production Agreement Checklist to get started. 

Director’s Agreements are essential in screen productions, to govern the relationship between the Director and Producer, as well as set out things like copyright ownership, what the Director is being engaged to do, what the Director needs to deliver and what the Director will be paid. 


If you’re producing a film or television program, an advertising campaign, or some digital content and a Director is involved in the production, you should have a Director’s Agreement in place to avoid disputes. 


For information on what should be included in a Director’s Agreement, have a look at our Director’s Agreement Checklist!

If you’re an author selling the rights to your book or written work so it can be made into a movie or TV series, you’ll need to sign a Book Option Agreement.  Likewise, if you’re a producer or production company looking to purchase a book option, you’ll need a Book Option Agreement. 


Our checklist outlines the key terms in a Book Option Agreement, and will assist in the drafting process. 


If you’d like us to draft a Book Option Agreement, check out our Book Option Agreement Checklist to get started!