We know that if you’re in the entertainment and creative industries, the last thing you want to worry about is legal matters.  We also know how difficult creative work can be if legal obligations are ignored or legal rights are not protected.  


As specialist lawyers with decades of combined experience in the entertainment, media, technology and creative industries, our Creative Lawyers know exactly what legal issues affect different people and are able to provide tailored assistance and advice to ensure your creative work is protected and your legal obligations are addressed properly.



Why should I work with a specialist Entertainment Lawyer and not a generic one?

The legal issues relevant to the entertainment and creative industries are extremely niche and unlike any other field.  Your run-of-the-mill lawyer may be able to advise you generally, but will never be able to offer the same specialist advice as an Entertainment Lawyer. Think about it this way, would you go to a GP for heart surgery? Or have a house painter do your portrait? That would be like going to a corporate lawyer for specialist entertainment law advice! So if you’re in the entertainment and creative industries, always use a specialist Entertainment Lawyer.
Our Creative Lawyers have dedicated their entire careers to understanding the complexities and specific legal concerns that affect musicians, actors, performers, film and television producers, writers, artists, illustrators, content makers, games developers and advertising agencies among many others in the creative industries.  We know what specific issues to cover in contracts and agreements to ensure your rights are protected, whichever side of the table you are on.  


What do our Creative Lawyers do?


With the specialist expertise of our Creative Lawyers, we give creative people the freedom to focus on creating rather than worrying about legal and administrative matters. 

Our Creative Lawyers draft, advise on and negotiate agreements and deals in the entertainment and creative industries, including:

  • Recording, publishing, distribution, management, producer, co-writer and band-partnership agreements
  • Booking and touring agreements
  • Synchronisation and master licences
  • Performer, talent, presenter and session musician releases
  • Director, producer, actor, composer script-writer and crew agreements
  • Merchandise, sponsorship and endorsement deals
  • Contractor services and dispute settlement agreements and deeds
  • Intellectual Property, artwork and content licences
  • Entertainment and creative industry agreements, licences and deals
Our Creative Lawyers also advise clients on legal issues relating to the entertainment and creative industries, including:
  • Copyright
  • Trade Marks
  • Company structure (e.g. Shareholders Agreements and Partnerships)
  • Music and Screen Production
  • Software
  • Event management
  • Public Relations
  • Entertainment Visas
If you’re in the entertainment or creative industries, but have some other legal matter than needs addressing, we can also assist with any general or commercial matters relating to your work or business.  It can often be helpful to come to an entertainment lawyer for these matters, as we are sensitive to the nature of your creative work, and can help draft, negotiate or advise on contracts with this in mind.


What is Intellectual Property and why is it important?


Intellectual Property is the legal term for a person’s original work.  For entertainers and creatives, it’s your bread and butter.  


Our creative lawyers especially advise clients on their Intellectual Property rights, helping to protect their valuable original work and creations.  We take the time to explain to clients, in plain English, their rights and obligations in respect of their Intellectual Property, because we believe it’s important that clients know what they are protecting and how it’s done.  We also advise clients on the commercial exploitation of their Intellectual Property in a way that helps them make money while also protecting their work.



Why work with our Creative Lawyers?

 All of our staff have a personal connection to the entertainment and creative industries, whether that be as performers, producers, event managers or simply having a keen interest in the field.  This means that our Creative Lawyers and staff have a genuine care factor when it comes to assisting clients in the entertainment and creative industries. 
From personal experience and many years of assisting clients in the industry, we know the kinds of things creatives and entertainers worry about, and we are sensitive to the things that matter to them.  We aren’t like regular lawyers who often tend to boggle the mind of creative industry clients with highly technical legal jargon!  We always take the time to explain things in an understandable and conversational way, so that our creative industry clients feel comfortable working with us.
Our love for helping creative industry clients comes from our personal experiences in the industry and our deep understanding of the legal issues involved.  
If you’re in need of specialist entertainment and creative legal advice or assistance, get in touch!