We provide specialist advice on all elements of the music business.


Our Creative Lawyers draft, review and negotiate all music industry contracts, including recording, publishing, distribution, management, production (sound and events), licensing, performance, booking, touring, sponsorship, endorsement, ambassador and merchandise agreements.


Check out our Music Industry Agreement Checklists here.  

We act for producers, broadcasters, distributors, talent, investors and financiers in relation to the development, production, distribution and financing of film, television and digital content.

We act for both emerging and high profile talent, as well as media professionals and digital content creators, including influencers.

We advise PR, advertising and marketing agencies and production companies on all aspects of their businesses, including reviewing advertising and marketing content, giving production advice, advising on events, PR campaigns and activations. 


We draft, review and negotiate services agreements, production agreements, talent agreements and supplier agreements for agencies. 

We act for games developers and publishers, creative-tech startups and other technology clients in connection with the development, licensing and promotion of their products and services, including the development and provision of SAAS platforms and apps.

interactive games & technology

We act for media companies, publishers and content creators in relation to the production, licensing and regulation of content, pre-publication reviews for legal risk, media relations, crisis management, events, sponsorship and promotional activities. 


We advise clients on legislation, industry regulation and the various regulatory standards and codes of practice.

 We provide Intellectual Property advice to clients on copyright, trade marks (including registration), confidential information, patents, designs and domain names, including IP protection, commercialisation and enforcement of rights.


corporate & commercial

We advise our clients on all aspects of corporate law, including company & group structuring, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, corporate governance and shareholder arrangements.  We draft and negotiate all manner of commercial contracts, including IP licences, distribution agreements and service agreements.  


We advise our clients on the legal and regulatory framework which impacts on their businesses, including corporations law and consumer law compliance. 

We advise clients on compliance with privacy, data security and surveillance laws, including the GDPR, COPPA and disclosures under the mandatory breach notification scheme. 

privacy & data protection